How-To: Pay Assessments

To pay assessments online, you must first have a Homeowner Portal account.  If you have not created a Homeowner Portal account, follow these instructions before proceeding: Homeowner Portal Setup Instructions

NOTE:  The balance due in the Homeowner Portal will not update for the current billing period until the assessment due date.  You can pay the assessment in advance of the due date even if the balance states $0.00.  Paid assessments show as a negative (credit) balance until the assessment due date.

Paying Assessments Online:
1. Sign into the Homeowner Portal.

2. Click the green "Make a Payment" box on the right side of the screen.

4.  Select a payment method:
     a.  One Time e-Check (Free)
     b.  Recurring e-Check (Free)
     c.  Paylease (Credit Card, $8.95 Processing Fee)
     d.  Alliance (Credit Card, 3% Processing Fee)


5.  Follow the on-screen prompts in order to complete payment transaction.